China Expat Health Cover

In recent years China and its major cities of Beijing and Shanghai have became some of the most desired destinations for expats, despite the health risks such as air pollution China has a increasing expat population that’s aware of these health risks and should prepare accordingly with health insurance plans that can be relied upon when healthcare is needed.

Health and medical issues for expats in China used to be simple. If you had a medical or health problem, you would leave China as soon as possible to get professional health care back home. Expats in China have more options now, but they come at a price. Hospitals and clinics in places like Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Suzhou now provide international-level medical treatment — but will charge you just as much as facilities in the West. Buying insurance and medical coverage in China is getting more complicated, but help is available. There are plenty of qualified experts who can help you analyse your family healthcare needs and find the best solution for you unique household situation.

Hospitals in China have gotten better – and more expensive. We used to be quite skeptical about international healthcare policies that covered outpatient care because it was so cheap — and of questionable effectiveness – in China. Nowadays the major cities in China offer international-style clinics for outpatient care that rivals (or surpasses) US HMOs. Unfortunately, the advances in care have been accompanied by advances in pricing.

Local & international health insurance plans that provide direct billing payment options, which simply means any hospital or healthcare provider in China can simply bill the insurance company directly for its medical care services, making the process of receiving healthcare exactly when you need it most easy and convenient.